I'm not a drug user, but I don't want to stop other people from taking drugs if they want to. Apart from the fundamental benefit of increasing people's freedom, ending the drugs prohibition would have many other benefits.

Two problems

When the legalization of drugs is mooted, people come up with these two (related) problems:
  • One of the characteristics of hard drugs such as herion is that it's relatively easy to take an overdose, whereas with alcohol it's harder to unwittingly drink oneself to death. How are you going to stop an epidemic of overdoses?
  • If drugs are legalized, surely kids will get hold of them more easily?

Drug pubs

My solution to these two problems would be licensed 'drug pubs'. These would work like normal pubs, but for drugs. Drugs wouldn't be available outside the drug pub.
In a similar way to the bar staff at a normal pub not serving a drink to someone who is obviously drunk, staff at the drug pub wouldn't dispense a drug overdose. It also solves the problem of children obtaining drugs because they simply wouldn't be served, in the same way as with normal pubs.

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