Legalize Prostitution

The fundamental reason to legalize prostitution is the same as that for drugs: if consenting adults want to do something and it doesn't affect others too much, the state shouldn't try and stop them. As with drugs there are many other benefits:
  • Reduction in crime, and therefore police spending. At the moment, people involved in prostitution don't cooperate with the police because they themselves are engaged in an illegal activity. This means that the prohibition of prostitution provides an environment where all sorts of other illegal activity can thrive. We need to drain the swamp!
  • Sexual health. If prostitution were to be legalized, it would be properly regulated. This means that only licensed professionals would be allowed to practise, and the nation's sexual health would improve.
  • Safety of prostitutes. This is really a special case of the first point. At the moment there's a disincentive for prostitutes to be open with the police about reporting incidents. We've got to change this.

This article is part of the Political Manifesto.